I am Ranting.

Oh I dont know what to write. OF COURSE I am horrified and disgusted at what happened in Lahore today. And that too to the Sri Lankan team- the nicest bunch of people. I am so ashamed that these people who did this could belong to my country. And I feel so angry that I am profiled along with them. That millions of sports fans have to pay the price of what these misguided, law-less selfish people think they were doing in the name of…well what exactly was this in the name of? Dont say Islam becaue I wont buy it. Dont say anything actually because I wont buy it right now. Right now I am the mother who is royally pissed off at her child for doing something so rude and uncalled for that you wantto physically make sure he doesnt do it again. I dont want another day spent feeling like we as  country have done today and yes,  the people here are good and honest and want nothing better than to live an ordinary wonderful life; one that is free of militants, and conspiracy theories and terrorism and polticians. Yes please just remove all our leaders please thank you, God, they are all bonfide losers.

My personal heartfelt apologies to the Srilankan team and to their country. All I can say is that I hope – having had similar issues in your country you know that this isnt what defines the entire country. We are in the midst of an actual issue right now. The minority that wants this madness to reign supreme is unfortunately those very people who are getting more gutsy and ballsy about doing these inhumane ridiculous things. We who live here are as much to blame for our inability to do something about it yes, but we are also victims of this craziness. The people who did this are not part of our country- or any country- their motives are selfish and largely for no clear reason and they will pay for it in the final balance of things. Right now is again a time for prayer and hope, realization and action that Pakistan cannot be made to mean this in the eyes of the world over and over again by the disgusting people behind this.

As for the cricket part of it, like the whole class suffers for the uncalled for behaviour of the jerk in class, we must too. And maybe in that time out, while serving our detention, we shall find the strength to garner enough in us to pull out the stops and finally take a stand that shows the world that the real Pakistan- and Pakistani- are nothing like this. Amen.


13 thoughts on “I am Ranting.

  1. WHY would anyone do this?
    ..so much hate.
    i just completely teared up while watching younis khan at the press conference.

    this is beyond appaling.

  2. i dont have answers- i just know that this is not what we are about- and we shouldnt let it be- i think this is our chance to change- to be so horrified that we dont put up with status quo.

    sheza go ahead- since i dont know what else to do, im putting my words out there.

  3. You spoke for all of us Jammie. I penned a similar rant a few hours after. I don’t even know what to pray for..Common sense to prevail, peace, tolerance…

  4. you know, having just spent a frantic 6 days in khi, the mood of the city is so …tense. we had a good 2.5 incidents in this short period and i’m so sad to say that i don’t see myself coming back with my kiddo for a while…really heart-breaking to witness what’s happening to my birth-place.

  5. i dont have a reply to your comment sara at the risk of getting defensive. Living here right now makes you in a way realize a lot of things that I am afraid the world is forgetting- and i know that not a good thing necessarily but i also dont think its a bad thing.

    for people who arent from here- havent lived here- its alien now i think from the bubble they recall of their years here but for me and many others like me here, its home and thats it. I know you will know what i mean.

  6. sure i get it, home’s home. i meant no offense …quite the opposite actually, it was my attempt at commiserating but maybe it’s hard to do that with someone who can get on a plane and go back to their home.

    bringing my son to karachi was a great experience overall & regardless of where i live, i was born in the city and my husband has all of his childhood memories there..so it’s embedded in auzi’s history naturally. it’s just hard not to notice the stark differences in the last 5 visits over the last 5 years.

  7. hey, just found your blog. i agree with you, i have a lot of pakistani friends and we, the actual people of the countries, don’t hate each other. i’ve lived in many parts of the world with muslims, christians, hindus, and we’ve never ever had issues with any of them. But of course, it’s the people who end up victimized by the fight for power at a political level. You know what, I’m going to write about this too. Mind if I link over to you in my post?
    Cheers girl.

  8. aarabik link away, my friend. if ever we are going to make a difference its going to be through undrstanding and if writing.reading can do that, bring it on 🙂

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