take another round

Also a look-see on my neighbourhood design watch is this new mural thats recently come up as a collborative effort between style360 (the channel) and IVS- my alma mater. The fine arts dept kids have done a bright colourful and in context illustrative design on a miserable looking wall behind a new and shiny bus stop- making it look all funky and worth taking a second round around the shahi chowk-bout :)

I love how it starts feeling that a design college is nearby and I honestly feel more of these around the city will add a sense of positivity to the pervasive gloom and doom that the hot weather brings. great work guys!





3 thoughts on “take another round

  1. wow!.. when did this happen. love the ‘stylizing karachi’ bit.
    i just hope ppl dont start sticking posters and spitting paan on it 😦

  2. i knowww i saw this and loved..these kids came on HUMTV as well…and i was so happy to see them on Tv, 23rd march..and i saw all these 3rd year students sitting [who we didnt have a good alumni class with] and seeing them do all this i was just thinking…did we fall short??

  3. haan i saw them on tv as well- was quite proud of them! and yes we probably did fall short on some level- as did they.

    to make a class like ours a success, it takes the energies of the majority of the 125 people involved dont you think?

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