shanaakht 2009- keeping our identity intact


I support Shaanakht, The Identity Project.

You CANNOT attack what other people think. You CANNOT force respect. You CANNOT tell others what you want them to feel. You CANNOT be allowed take away people’s identity by crushing their energy. The incident today is still sending waves of anger and resentment through the thinking peoples communities. Destruction. Mobs. But no casualites, they say- are they not counting the spirit-slaying of a progressive and amazing festival- one that in the face of all the terror based media we are getting we really need?? I am waiting for the verdict tomorrow. Will the government support them and will the festival go on?

In all this, one wonders, have we lost our ssense of self so much that we can’t see differences in opinion anymore? Are we so insecure that anyone who thinks differently or does not revere what we revere, now is a threat? Are we no longer capable of living in harmony with those aren’t exactly like us?


2 thoughts on “shanaakht 2009- keeping our identity intact

  1. jammie…sadly the PPP jiyalas wanted to make this a forum to show us their real ‘shanakht’…how the mighty have fallen, the ‘dissenter’ has become the horrible right-wing morality enforcer. Phir hum khush hojayengey, that we can still let down our hair, major reality check.

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