green with happiness, my cup runneth over.

Coming back from watching the match at m’s took longer than we thought. Not because we had to drop khizzy, not even because we were enjoying a lesiurely midnight drive, but because of the dancing in the streets. Isn’t that an amazing reason for a traffic jam? And as I peered into the cars of the fellow stuck in traffic people to see the levels of annoyance, all I could see were smiles, some tired, some tolerant but mostly genuine heartfelt smiles; some had even pulled their cell phones out and were videoing the celebrating boys with flags in their hands raised high up in the air, shouting Pkaistan Zindabad. A few were patiently gritting their teeth, wanting to get home, but realizing how important this outpouring of unadulterated joy is for us today.

Its been so long since we danced in the streets, holding the green aloft. Today it wasn’t about a polticial party, or a specific group- today was all about Pakistan the way it should be, whether you were in the stadium or on the streets, it was that feeling of finally having everyone on the same platform, feeling th same way. I wish this feeling could be bottled up and given to people to use when the next bomb goes off or to spread over the land as far as the eye can see, so that everyone, whatever their agenda, thinks about the country first- and realizes how far we can go with this ability to feel positive if harnessed properly. So many prayers tumbling off Β the tip of my tongue and so many dreams in my heart right now for Pakistan, and everything seems possible, just because of a simple cup.

*inshallah lots more of the good stuff to come*


5 thoughts on “green with happiness, my cup runneth over.

  1. Oh Sara,

    This is lovely. I think it echoes the sentiments of all Pakistanis right now. At least, it echoes mine. I was thinking of everyone back home (I mean every one….all 160 million of them!) in their state of worry, helplessness and terror. And how this victory was so important and significant for us, for Pakistan, right now. I love it.

    I also sincerely pray that we can somehow keep this good feeling in our hearts and minds and think of all things positive and good, and know that when we all try hard and come together, good things ARE possible.

    Thank you for writing this. Thank you.

    ps: I was almost crying in the stadium, though actual tears only welled up during my drive home when there was silence to appreciate it all instead of the dizzy joy at Lord’s. If this is how emotional it was for a mere spectator like me, I can only imagine how emotional it must be for Umar Gul, Afridi, Younus Khan, Akmal et al.

    Peace 4 Pakistan πŸ™‚

    Pakistan Zindabad πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ˜€
    wow you were at the stadium..woww!!!!
    jammie i totally know what you mean..this was so awesome…and till now i cant stop saying mashallah and inshallah to all the good thought and words coming..
    goose bumps all the way

  3. hey thanks for visiting my blog.
    And this post gave me quite the goosebumps πŸ™‚
    Congrats…. I wish too the feeling could be stored in bottles and handed out when needed the most.

  4. thanks sana apa for linking me on your facebook :)the euphoria lingers…

    mrmm wasnt it unreal- i feel renewed.

    shruti thanks. if i figure out a way t bottle it, im patenting it and making it available to everyone for free!

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