musing on me.

It’s so easy to nurture on aspect of your personality and let the other atrophy away just because you can’t make time, just because your mode is different, just because you’re not bothered. The justification and excuses are endless arent they when deep down we know that it only takes a good minute or two to indulge the aspects of us we feel are slowly ebbing away just because.


I am in love with these fabulous illustrations by Elsie F. available on They have awakened the illustration monster lying dormant in me and now I am all inspired again. Amazing how it just takes one thing to inspire you in 4 others. Happy Thursday Musing everyone.


7 thoughts on “musing on me.

  1. hahah yes i super related to them also 🙂 hence the love 😉 did you see her other work? so fun! this is what needs to be done in karachi- in our circles and i dont know WHY im not initiating it 😛

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