musing on me


Last week I got an email from someone I know blogularly, saying that she is very inspired by me- with what I do, who I am and how I manage to remain me and how did I do it? Made my day, really, because honestly speaking, these days, I feel I am not even trying to do other than what is the very basic of living. No great art, no fabulous thoughts being exchanged- just basic good ol living. Which makes it more amazing to know that someone out there draws from even that lot of regular stuff energy you throw out into the universe. It just makes soo much possible, you know, within you.

Coming to the word “possible”, one of of my “inspire me” artists  is Kelly Rae Roberts. And if you go onto her website, she makes the best use of this word by turning it into a title. Possibilitarian. Love it, and I want to be one too.


5 thoughts on “musing on me

  1. acha and jab hum declared that you are the ‘jam’ in our makhan toast life tau you didnt believe us. you make the every day look good.
    —-clearly someone who is switching her fan club membership to the other JAMil.

  2. All the Saras I know are such rays of sunshine, I swear. My best friend’s name is Sara and she’s really the epitome of sunshininess. If I have a girl of my own, that’s what I’ll name her!

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