musing on me- hungry is beautiful.

A couple of years ago, my husband was looking through stock images and stumbled upon illustrations he knew I would love. So he emailed me to check out the illustrator. And  I was hooked. Not only did she illustrate in this really happy kind of way but her blog was a food blog.


Now I am not a crazy foodie by personality or even that into cooking but I am married to someone who is. I do however, love the idea of fun recipes, beautiful kitchens, I enjoy eating well and I especially love gorgeous presentation and to stumble upon a soul who talks about food in these divine illustrations was an inspiration in itself. Of course shes madly talented and I can only stare at her strokes in wonder, loving the natural flow and movement of her lines. I love how people find things in their nature to nurture and fly with it, changing the way others feel. I dont know Ximena at all obviously, I haven’t even corresponded with her because I have nothing more interesting to say to her than a complete gushing over what she does. She is a fellow mom too which makes me admire her even more, because all too often I have seen people let go of what excites them because it gets too difficult to retain that sense of wonder with work when you’re constantly tired from performing a baby duty or the other.

I have read every single blog of hers, whether it was relevant to my life or not, and possibly hunted down every single illustration she has ever made that is online. If you are a traveller you will love her travel sketch series. If you are a chef you will love her food blog which has lovely little suggestions and the most fun dishes from all over. If you are a designer, you will love her take on food, love, life and if you’re a mom, you’ll cheer for the fact that someone else is out there, living her dream and hopefully get inspired to do the same.


8 thoughts on “musing on me- hungry is beautiful.

  1. thanks for sharing jammie – you post comes at such an apt time in my life because my love for good illustration has turned into a bit of an obsession 🙂 i cannot wait for the illustrator component of my grad prog. i shall share this link on my blog too 🙂

  2. haina? i love the quality of the illustration isnt it really clear and yummy 🙂 if i could draw lie this id jujst fill out books and books and books…and prob give them out to people all the time!

  3. hi jammie, i checked out both kelly rae roberts site and ximena’s and loved both of them. i think i’m going to buy robert’s book as well just to see what it’s like. do you have it and if yes what did you think?

  4. shabet- ive asked a friend to send it to me since im unable to order from wher i am- some delivery issue. i think it will be well worth it. so as soon as i have it ill blog about it 🙂

  5. Oh, I didn’t realize you don’t have comment moderation on. Now I have my contact information up there. =\. Please delete it if you can.

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