musings on me- holiday mantras.


Its seemed like every single person in Thailand has taken an oath to sell their country in the best most positive manner possible. The people smile it, the designs scream it and the infrastructure , mostly, allows for it.Each word, each thought they projected seemed to be with the intention of imparting some fact or knowledge about their country with pride and excitement. Everywhere we went in Bangkok and Phuket, I would be noticing details that they had thought of to facilitate the tourist or simply make things look fun. The brightly colours pink and green taxis, the illustrations everywhere selling this, promoting that. Everyone seemed to be a guide or wanted to help us. If we asked directions to one market, they would tell us we could get the same stuff but cheaper in another one- it didn’t seem to be about making money for oneself rather for the country . They would suggest shorter routes, more baby friendly things to do. The waiters would be friendly, and would hold the kids and entertain them so we could have our delicious meals in peace. They would bargain in good humour- mostly.  Agree with our final price-mostly. Other cultures in this way help you cast a critical eye on your lot so much because you see two countries with roughly the same lot- and then you see what they made of it and you wish yours would get knocked on the head really badly and get it soon also.


2 thoughts on “musings on me- holiday mantras.

  1. so true about thailand really! i loved how everyone was baby friendly and how it was about making their country look/feel/taste good rather that the commercialist approach of to each it’s own.

    it was our first vacation avec z and it’s really raised the bar for all our vacations-to-be

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