musing on me: the artists within us

As anyone with a degree in design will tell you, at one point in our career we feel like slaves. We feel that we are designing for others- and all the lofty hopes and dreams we had of changing the world with our design feel like they have poofled into smoke. We are bound not only by deadlines- which are acceptable- but by limitations on thought and vision and our aim becomes completing the work as opposed to creating something that would nourish the soul. We start putting off the bigger dreams working for now, earning for now- and before we know it the now has taken over our spirit and even when we want to return to work that energizes us, we cant because we have simply forgotten how it was to do something simply because.

I know ten years ago, when I graduated, I promised myself that I would always enjoy design. That I would never let it get to me, drag me down into a quicksand of should dos and must dos. That for every 5 bits of money oriented projects I took up, I would do one that would completely reinstill my faith in the grand power of design. I dont know if I stuck to those  numbers in the last decade but I am happy to report that I still love what I do. That despite there having been several unmentionable incidents, the magic of design and type still has a hold on me. I can still exclaim over impractical wonderful design ideas without needing to sap the high by mentioning the cost factor. I can still feel that thrill that an idea- no matter how improbably large and fanciful- gives and I dont feel liek puncturing the balloon of possibility by letting the adult voice in my head exclaim over the fruitlessness of the concept. I like the fact that despite my life having been crammed with things to do in the last few years, somehow I have managed to dig out time to embark on exciting new things with people who are as excited about them as I am. I am happy to look back and report that somehow, I have managed to retain that sense of wonder that is so necessary to be able to think “change” in this day and age and for that, I am truly grateful.



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