Best-of-2009: a lookback.

Loved this idea so am going to try and do this as part of my gratefulness awareness campaign. So many small things to be truly happy about that get waylaid in the couple of big things that dont go the ay you want them to. I still believe somewhere some kind of balance is being maintained in the universe.

A quick catch up:

Dec 1: Best trip would have to be thailand 🙂 Travelling with friends opens doors to sides of you you never knew existed.

Dec 2: Best restaurant moment would have to be the Nov 9 brunch sans kids- when we all finally reconnected as adults without attachments. I just remember the smell of coffee- it goes with good friends, the kind you are comfy with, like favourite socks.

Dec 3: The best article I read was by Keri Smith on Artists and Motherhood. Wonderfully written it does justice to being both- an artist and a mother.

Dec 4: One book that really called out to me was The Bitch in the House. It had the perfect mix of passion, cynicism, warmth, humour and honesty. Being a woman in this day and age is hard because of this overriding need to be great at everything we do- all at once.

Dec 5: There were so many night outs that deserve a mention. But the one that sticks out most vividly was the night the sisters and I sat at ciao and talked away till the wee hours after kay got back from NY. There was no need to move, no need to be anywhere but there and listen and talk and be. Oh and the pompeii dinner with Hussy and A- I think it was a connection after much time.

Dec 6: The workshop conducted by Prof Abbas Husain at my alma mater to help resolve communication issues by using Edward de Bonos Six Thinking Hats definitely deserves a mention- and I especially want to mention the talks on TED that have completely left me reeling. Chimamanda Ngozi, Elizabeth Gilbert, JK Rowling to name the top of my mind right now.

Dec 7: Blog find of the year would be Kelly Rae and Joanna Goddard and Design Work Life. They go right up there with my Keri Smith, Ximena Maier, DesignSpongeonline and Smashing Magazine (to name a tiny few)

Dec 8: Moments of  actual physical peace have been hard to come by in the last  (as the mom of any 2 years old will tell you!) but thankfully the mental peace aspect  has been quite constant. And so I wait till my world is asleep and then I sneak out of bed to come online, make a phone call to a friend, or to simply pick up a book and have a quiet cup of tea.

Dec 9: The best challenge of the year was the return to self. To wear the mom mantle and yet step up on the personal time space and projects. Balance is hard in every sense of the word and the key lies in being able to do all that you want without the guilt that something is suffering. Am perhaps not totally successful but there was a sense of being able to do it the way I want that has started seeping into life. *insert prayer of gratitude here*

Dec 10: Lots of individual songs for sure but the complete album would still be Dostana. Just connects me to the happiness that has been my friends in the recent few years. And the changes of the past year.

Dec 11: The best place is still Espresso. We discovered it, newly opened, tucked away in a corner a little over 5 years ago, adopted it as our own and to date is the place where we, as friends, prefer to converge to dissect, laugh, analyse, share and ponder. Their mocacino kicks some serious butt too.

Dec 12: Never liked thai food till I was introduced to Thai Green curry. Same goes for sushi. 🙂 Husband is most happy!

Dec 13: The kitchen is finally how I wanted it to be. Warm, happy and mine.

Dec 14: Watching my sister publish and launch her book.

Dec 15: The best packaging for me this year was the Soap and Glory range. The witty lines, the retro look and colours and just the brains behind the idea has had me swept away enough to buy almost the entire range.

Dec 16: The tea at mom’s house tastes like no other.

Dec 17: 2009 was the kind of year you wish would not end.

Dec 18: I probably spent my most money at Liberty Books.

Dec 19: The best car ride of the year was the rainy day drive through Phuket in search of the Butterfly Farm. 😀

Dec 20: Even though we have known each other several years,  urban niche and I connected this year on so many things that have opened up so many thinking and doing avenues.

Dec 21: A project I started this year was type whimsies- the sharing of interesting exciting inspirational examples of type design from all over with people.

Dec 22: I think the idea of KarachiSnob is amazing. Not only does it fill the empty spot of a directory for Karachi, it instills a sense of ownership, of pride  regarding a city about which I am very snobby.

Dec 23: Google Chrome has really helped make my browsing easier because of the tabs. I know its not a tool per se, but for a low tech like me, it rocks!

Dec 24: What I learnt this year that I feel really changed me is the ability to be honest at the cost of everything. Realized to the deepest extent that you have to call it like it is for the sake of your own sanity.

Dec 25: I think the best gift I gave myself this year was the gift of priority- of being able to put one thing above another by this amazing method of weighing its mental well being factor against other things for myself.

Dec 26: Epiphany of the year was a rather cynical and selfish one- that its most important that I survive the way I want to best- that the only way I will only be able to be of any kind of positive use to others if I first and foremost watch out for myself and make myself happy. And once you do that, somehow the pieces fall into place for others too. Weird but has proved true on more than one occasion.

Dec 27: Hinamommy and I made the cross from blog buddies to actual in person friends. Yaay!

Dec 28: My May trip to Dubai, and Hussy knew exactly what place would completely win my heart. If I could have, I would have bought out the entire stock at this place.

Dec 29: My biggest belly laugh of the year was on this one hilarious bloopery comment my sister made on a rather emotional photo. Just thinking about ti right now is making me laugh.

Calling out to Khizzy, S, Mad Momma, Cheesoo, Urban, Mona, Kat, Meyum, Aneela, Parul, Hinamommy, kay, Mina, Insi, Saba, Minerva, Nis and anyone else inspired by this to look back on their year 2009 .  I wish you all a fabulous  2010.


17 thoughts on “Best-of-2009: a lookback.

  1. hey the jam and the jelly!
    really enjoyed the moments- and glad to see though i am not there, i featured in some of the best moments- 🙂
    i will try to put some down too-
    love hussy

  2. I’m in a transitional phase. Earlyish twenty-something. I have a huge drive to do well, as a writer and social worker/analyst/researcher. I certainly did not study to become part of the dog-eat-dog world. I often have experiences where I’m convinced that in the corporate world, being rude and ruthless (should not be confused with being straightforward and honest) is highly looked up to. It’s appreciated.

    Isn’t that disgusting? And as I am trying to get where I want to, treating each exit door as an arrow pointing towards my destination, bit by bit, I come across so many, so so many discouraging words that it leaves me utterly amazed. Some of them are from my own loved ones. Thankfully most of the time, the echo of their screams disappears because my inner-calmness/silence/belief is really loud. Other times, even their evil whispers sound like shrieks and I feel everything’s blurry. The ‘arrows’ I see, seem like hallucinations.

    I love your positive spirit. I know you are someone who will never discourage. Be honest? Yes. And maybe that’s why people read your blog. The honesty is admirable! But you’ll never discourage. And I wonder, because I know you have the attitude to succeed–how do you deal with positive-energy suckers? Or put it another way, how do you exhale the negativity?

  3. this a great way to celebrate the many great things a year has offered!!!
    also helps to see how positive things in life are!!! 🙂

    me starting my list too 🙂

  4. yes hussy- looking fwd to your list- and this time it had better happen!

    AKR: actually physically block out the toxic energy suckers. it isnt eay but it IS worth it.

    amna/maria its such a fun idea- really looked back at the better rather than the worst almost automatically!

  5. Hello, Sara. Finally the server here lets me access this blog of yours (it was blocked earlier for some inexplicable reason). Love the list. Will start my own also 😀

  6. great list…working on mine and trying to post before jan end 😛

    thanks for thinking of me and just so u know you are my no. 20 as well!!

    feelings are MUTUAL

  7. Hi. I’m one of those creepy silent spectators who’ve been following your blog(s) for years now. Your list made me think of think of another awesome blog that I recently discovered and which I think you may like if you don’t already know about it, dunno why it took me so long to comment here though! .I’m not a parent but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about your exploits as one. So I’ll disappear again now before I start getting weird-random-mushy. Just wanted to drop in a word of appreciation. I think you’re doing a great job 🙂

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