musings~ inspirational women in my life.

I realized that I need to celebrate the women around me who are inspirational in what they are doing- so for the next few weeks, I will profile those lovely ladies whose words, actions, undertakings and passion sparks a reaction inside me, making me want to be part of this lot who are putting themselves out to make us look good and feel great.

Bina’s words having been reverberating in my head since I read them. “I, for one, need to flesh out my identity as a Pakistani with histories and views that are very different from those that are being constantly highlighted. And I hope that in my own small way I am representing an equally real and present version of my city, my country and my part of the world that is pretty, witty, creative and joyous. It’s as real and as close as the bombs and the tears are.”

Brilliantly said B.


3 thoughts on “musings~ inspirational women in my life.

  1. I noticed your haven’t ‘celebrated’ any of your inspirational women as you said you would. If you ever intend to continue, I know one Pakistani friend of mine who you don’t know (since she’s in Dubai) but I believe she can be an inspiration to many people. Will tell you more about her if you want.

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