more than love is in the air.

As much as I love design for the sake of design, nothing quite beats the zing of a real message going across- when you feel you tried to change the way something is typically perceived. Valentine’s is such a cliche all over the world, and as the heard too often phrases like match made in heaven and love at first sight, hit themselves repeatedly against deaf ears, one really starts to feel cynical about this whole commercial aspect of love.

But work is good this time of the year because everyone’s a feelin it. Love is in the air and yes, it sells well. So while jumping onto the bandwagon, its a knee jerk reflex to try to do it differently- to ally yourself with people who will also want to do it differently. Who don’t necessarily view the whole thing with rose tinted glasses- but who also aren’t wearing black armbands against the nature of the holiday. Design this time of the year is always fun- always a challenge to try to make it look different while having fun with it; it ends up replenishing your faith and hope in love to some extent as well. And that,  is never a bad thing.


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