today let’s swim, not surf

I love the internet I really do. And now that the kid-aspect of life is a little more settled (they sleep at the same time-woohoo!) I am loving the browsing/surfing high of creativity that I get every night as ideas pile up while I trawl through the works of the amazing artists out there. But something in my O-mag was worth posting because as amazing it is to have the world at your fingertips, at times, having a great thing to read and time on your hands is incomparable.


2 thoughts on “today let’s swim, not surf

  1. yes and dont be all super achiever 850 words a minute, one day inshallah I will slow down and read 50 a minute and then re-read that line again. Well at least go through all your posts again, they are worth slowing down and smelling the doodh-pati.
    And I am so glad you are dipping into the Jam jar again

  2. aneelaaa- 🙂 for me thse days its more like i hold the magazine and read the same line over an dover again feeling good that atleats im holding a magazine! 😀
    ok i exaggerate haha but you know what i mean.

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