Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

So the Big Bad Wolf (you have to forgive me my fairytale names here, I cannot help myself, the scenario is such) is gone, buried at sea or blown into smithereens or vaporized or transformed or made invisible- who knows. We shall never really know. Was it a covert US operation and they didn’t actually know? We dont know that either. Was it a Pak led find and the US takes the credit? Hmm. Your guess is as good as mine. Despite having some 100 channels and numerous dedicated news sites and blogs, nobody knows anything and everyone knows everything. That is how it stands right now. We have to believe what is fed to us but what is fed to us has more holes than Swiss cheese, especially if you have more than an ounce of working grey matter.

Perhaps its singularly the fault of the Voldermortian governement at the helm of our ship right now. Or perhaps the story started many years ago with the likes of  Gen Zia and his best friend Charlie Wilson making it worse. Don’t know. Don’t care. But thanks to them and many more, I have zero faith in anything and everything that has them connected to it. It can be as simple as a promise of a road being built to as grand and symbolic as peace or catching OBL. But if it reeks of them, it reeks of lies.

Dark times ahead before we see the light. Can’t believe I just said that.


3 thoughts on “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.

  1. your last line made me sit up and freeze for a few seconds.. even i can’t believe you just said that.
    and from the looks of it, i dont even see indications of any kind of plan to clean up this colossal mess.

    1. wohee na. atleast TRY to mop up the spill man. these people are just sitting on their backsides waiting for Pakistan to either get taken over or crumble. in which case they will take their trillions of hidden dollars and go live in their palace in scotland.

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