Introducing Bohemian, with a little bit of Ostrich.

We figured it was about time we put the ball and chain to our own feet where doing something pointlessly creative was concerned. We get so trapped by the words “making a difference” “changing lives” that we forget to honour that itch in ourselves to simply design (or write) for the sake of design (or writing!), without needing to always make it about the bigger picture. The bigger picture, as one has learnt, follows whatever is done with the right amount of commitment and passion.

Ostrich and I have had an unofficial work liaison for a number of years now. Our design sensibilities, ethics and dreams match and yet they do not, providing a kind of friction that can be termed merely collaborative at its worst and simply inspirational at its best. We have been stewing on this idea of doing something for a while now. It has taken shape and dissolved as many times, waiting for the right timing to propel us forward.

Our first online initiative is more personal than anything else. We both vehemently agree that to be able to achieve anything words-ly speaking, or otherwise, we need to exhibit some kind of consistency. We need to put away those creative lulls for a while and simply get doing it. We believe that the creativity will mesh in with the regularity and we can cite many artists we love having done that, so we know its doable.

Enter The O&B Journal Jars. One topic. Every day. For the next one month. Photo it, write it, draw it, illustrate it, we don’t care. We just need to put the words out there to do their magic. Are you in?


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