Oct 3: Something Old, Something New (somethings more and somethings less)

Inspiration is a pain in the donkey. It comes when you are in handsfull mode and can;t sit down to entertain it and it refuses to even come near you when you need it to. It is something elusive and ephemeral, teasing you with its dance around the edges of your life. It keeps you on your toes, for sure.

In the last year, the time to devote to the more personal hunt for inspiration has been minimal. I have had to streamline my way of working, my way of thinking, literally my way of being so that I am able to jump on it when it comes a-visiting. One method that worked for me was trawling the wonderful world of online stuff. Having an iPhone (thank you from the bottom of my being to my husband who practically had to run off with my old phone to make me see the new) is amazing. All those moments when you are chained to a situation, the world is at your fingertips. For people like me however, this new fangled business of merely digital is never enough- you have to get down and dirty with design- which means that somehow somewhere, you want to put pen to paper, brush to ink, glue to bits and bobs so that whatever is emerging is a very distinct you.

More than a few years ago, during my teaching time, I used to tell my second yr students, keep an inspirations file. Put whatever jumpstarts you in it. Add letters, numbers, poems, ads, colours, swatches, photos, just keep adding as you keep evolving. Out with the old, in with the new. In with the old and out with the new. It’s a strange, exciting and addictive cycle and we should keep up, I used to say.

Yesterday as I tried to get my inspirations in order to serve me for a project I am about to start, I realized that I am veering back to my “more in more” mode. Wanting the kitsch-pitsch of design to work in some kind of chaotic harmony as opposed to the subtlety. I want lots. Lots of lines, lots of images, colours, words, text. Wonder what that says about where my head’s at now.



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