Oct 5: The Year After Graduation.

The year after graduation was the year I spent madly and crazily in love. The kind of love that makes you feel beautiful and rebellious, alienates you somewhat, hear a tune all day long in your head, sashay instead of walk and smile. And yes, though a boy did feature in this whole scenario, the love I allude to here is the kind of love only someone with a newly acquired sense of self can be in. You see I had spent the last few years coming into my own. I had choices to make and though I didn’t make them all well, and admittedly injured  a few people in the process, the person I evolved- was evolving-  into as a result was someone I could possibly learn to live with and like in the long run.

The air was heavy, filled with the promise of wonderful things to come. It felt like a lot of things were lying in wait, to be set into motion by what I would decide to do. Freelance was new back then and I knew I loved the idea of doing many things too much to simply choose one. This lack of commitment at this point later resulted in my first proper year long contract. I had also decided to open up my mind to anything different that came along. So when I latched onto a Drought Relief Campaign and travelled to the innards of Sindh to help out on an amazing journey, little did I know it would lead to the start of a one of the greatest work relationships I have known, through which not only would I gain a very good friend but who would also introduce me to my future husband and along the way, hand me some of my best loved projects.

Coming back to love, it is really the best analogy for that year not only for the obvious reason but because that sense of heady anticipation is best felt in that state; that state of heightened awareness of all the senses. It was a time of freedom, freedom which had soared to ridiculously adventurous levels with the purchase of my amazing 1976 Volkswagen Beetle.  I wanted to make changes in how people thought, I wanted to do design that pushed all boundaries, think thoughts that set off ideas and action, and I wanted to be part of things that were bigger and better because at the turn of the century, it really seemed that anything less would be selling yourself and your place in life short.


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