October 9: My Perfect 3-Day Holiday.

There is no doubt in my mind that this holiday would be a complete get-away. I would want it to be in a gorgeous little town with the spirit of a city. One with wonderfully designed little details to capture the heart. One with swaying music and wonderful food to spend hours in conversation and delight over that first night. Of course, I would be with my friends, my people, with whom after a mad night of dancing, we could sit in front of a huge picture window, looking out at the picturesque view, laughing, talking, having chai, and then perhaps later, step out for a walk under the stars.

I would want us to be in sync the next day, wanting to absorb the city in an adventurous spontaneous way yet also taking time out to soak in restorative qualities of a time out. I would want us to be wholly ourselves, completely abandoned- minds at rest, baggage left behind. I would want it to be in equal measure, wild, and funny and healing and connective.

The last day, after all the walking and shopping and exploring and dancing and absorbing, would be a spa day- a day dedicated to luxury massages and treatments, and therapy and talk and aromas and bathrobes, all designed to be the luscious dark red cherry on top of the perfect holiday.


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