October 22: be very very afraid.

What I am fearfully pessimistic about is that people – people who appear normal and educated- will always have something negative or dumb to say first  instead of something constructive or positive, and until that changes, nothing changes.


6 thoughts on “October 22: be very very afraid.

  1. Jammie you almost have this dreamy quality to your writing. It ably reflects your personality. Disciplined, systematic, eternally positive, stubborn, intellectually arrogant (I occasionally felt), joyous, gently commanding, possessive a mentor for many. Now being an emotional moral support for others; does it sort of serve as a hindrance when it comes to expressing your own sorrow and pain with absolute freedom and honesty?
    It just feels you are conservative with your negativity, restrained with your grief, preferring bitter disappointment over explosiveness:). Just as I am a fan of your subtle, smooth, heartfelt, absorbing and very powerful expression I would equally adore an energetic, less subtle, passionate, maddening rhetoric laced with layers of viciousness. Hehe.
    Sometimes a little anarchy and chaos helps (Now you may dismiss all my analysis with resounding fierce reply) I would equally appreicate it lol

    1. I didnt realize this blog template came with a free therapist app!
      The analysis was deeply personal- so I should be suitably offended but instead im rather amused that someone who I may or may not has bumptiously boxed me into so many adjectives based on a merely superficial account of my life. After all, how much can writing reflect us? Too much or not at all right?

      I am very conservative with my negative energy- yes because I am explosive in real life and post explosion, I am usually healed and amnesiac. Its a fiery ball of emotions and very very loud and unreasonable which once it takes place blows up into so many smithereens that there isnt much left to reflect upon- and mostly I cant recall the details of the that thing- because to me, its now past. For all the things I feel so angrily and viciously about- they are petty and in my life, I cant dwell too long on petty for its a waste. But yes [perhaps next time I should capture it in words. Would be fun.

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