October 24: the power of 2.

don’t think, just write, she said.

2 lies: Right at the beginning of when K and I were starting to click, he was having an off day at work. So I made him a batch of brownies and when he thought they were from scratch and was suitably overwhelmed, I completely ignored mentioning that they were from a box, just slightly spruced up. I only told him the truth last year.  ///  Sometimes, when I think to myself or say it out loud, that I believe that whatever happened last year was for the best, I am lying.

2 truths: The honest truth is that I cannot completely forgive. I can get over it and not let it matter for as long as things are at an even keel but if the going gets tough, every single past thing comes running to the surface. ///  Nothing hurts me more than a thoughtless friend.

2 dreams: I want to speak as guest of honour at my alma mater’s convocation one day. ///  I really want to have done something that changes things for the better, the way I see it- write a book, start a design- thought movement, open a school. Something.

2 failures: I didn’t pursue my Literature dream (I am hoping this is reversible and that I still have time)  ///  Sometimes I feel like I failed Zo. That maybe had I eaten better, rested more, prayed extra, tried harder somehow, she would still be here.

2 loves: Collecting lovely design things, while travelling with people I enjoy. /// my kids are the loves of my life.





6 thoughts on “October 24: the power of 2.

  1. with you on most of the twos..but no I dont agree with the If Onlys. There is a script and you are handed it, and its up to you how you deliver it. If it was up to our diets, Zardari sahib ka nashta behtar na kar deyte?

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