advice from the design pit: pick your battles wisely.

This is really great advice to live by – with what life getting to be so jam-packed with it all, one really needs to be able to cut to the chase and realize what is worth putting in the effort to fight for and what battles will be merely long drawn out wars with no real consequence or conclusion.

I have been back-and-forthing with someone I am currently working with on a project regarding the final colour palette of the design. Twice now, in mails as well as illustrated visuals I have impressed upon the fact that the colour palette I have finalized will work better given the job. I have explained in exhaustive terms the way a design process works in efforts to make them understand that we, as people trained in the visuals, do not simply pick out colours for work based on moody preferences (well not always anyways) and I have also tried to adopt the lofty tone of intimidation by clearly stating they we need to stick to what we do best; after all you don’t see me interfering with the client side of things.

Normally by attempt three, I would have written them off and mentally starting divorcing myself from my work, focusing now on the other benefits of being so close to wrap up. But sometimes, unwillingly you get emotionally invested in the campaign. These feelings of ownership are dangerous, as a teacher of mine once told us, because when the time comes to realize that you are now beating a dead horse- and that inevitably comes in any client-designer relationship- you will end up completing the project with residual feelings of resentment and dissatisfaction for not completely getting your way.

Let’s be honest. The client who trust us completely are rare jewels. And the ones who are willing to hear us out and meet us midway the semi precious ones. Many a times however, one deals with plain old rocks who refuse to budge, thinking they are sparkly and clear in their grasp of not only their own job but ours as well.

I am currently psycho-babbling myself into not caring about the work I am doing, though truth be told, I loved it. I loved what the end result has come out  to and I am cringing at the anticipation of having to give in on colour changes that I don’t agree on. I am also trying to make peace with the fact that it is just design- a premise I don’t in the least subscribe to. I truly do believe that even the tiniest battles are worth fighting- at times- when you know what you say will leave some kind of impact in the larger, longer sense of things; but at other times, when you have exhausted all the ammunition, it is best to gracefully give in, let go and chuck it before it ends up making you look and feel like some stubborn nit-picky fool who is clutching wildly onto a font and colour, refusing to let go and end the painful story.

Sometimes a timely end is way better than a semi-win. True story.




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