winter for me.

Somebody once commented to me (on me?) that given my unfailing optimism, I must be a spring or summer person, loving the flowers and the sunshine. I have thought about that question many times because the answer isn’t quite that apparent to me. I love flowers and sun, yes, its a given on many levels but nothing summery or flowery has quite taken my breath away like my first enoucnter with the poetic starkness of a winter scene. It inspires me to be…more, somehow.

I love Emma Block‘s work- especially the Secret Garden series. It reminded me of this question, especially this winter scene.



2 thoughts on “winter for me.

    1. oh wow ladies parks- i havent thought of THAT in years now. We had a favourite ladies beach also when we lived in the emirates. Felt so special although debates would now term it something else 😛

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