The Five Year Project


One of the things that has bothered me the most in recent years is the lack of writing I am doing. I don’t fancy myself a “writer” but most of my life has been well documented enough for me to be able to be comfortable in the chance that if I ever did get famous for something, they would have enough material to publish a fairly detailed – even intimate biography of me. One of those dreams you know.Β 

Turning 35 has been typically thought provoking. I have been wondering a lot about legacy. What is it that I will leave behind? And no after much thought and deliberation, two good human beings that are my children isn’t enough. It’s a lot, yes and the amount of work left tremendous but no, I think for me, I need to do something more. What that is is still evading me. I wanted to write a book- but doesn’t everybody now? I wanted to be the blog queen- I just don’t have the discipline to write everyday. I wanted to start a design magazine. I have dreams of a school. There is just so much to do but that feeling of clicking isn’t happening yet so Im biding away my time by dabbling. I dabble in illustration and make designs. I am writing again in my journal but its hardly share-worthy- dare I say yet? I dabble inreading and collecting words quotes and phrases that I like. Too much dabble but at this time with only pockets of time to call my own, it sustains.

The other day, at the bookstore I ran into Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project– the Five year one sentence Journal. Writing over a period of time has always been a source of fascination for me. I have maintained many letter time capsules with friends and K and I in the midst of our own ten year letters to each other thing. This clicked. May I say at this time that writing one sentence a day is actually MUCH harder than it sounds? You want to be able to stop time in that sentence so when read later one day, you are able to be transported into that same time and mode. Basically what journals do but more…twittery. Its only been a month but I have maintained it very easily so there is hope yet for the five years flying by and me revisiting this point in 2017 with some surprising insights and hopefully, a legacy to call my own.


8 thoughts on “The Five Year Project

  1. I am so excited to have come to your blog and found all these posts! I love it all, the design and the maps, all of it! Please explain to me how the time capsule letter-writing thing works because I tried to do it for my 1 year wedding anniversary but didn’t know the rules so HD and I decided to write 2 letters to each other; one to open on the anni day and 1 to open a year later. I forgot to write mine so I was scribbling it on the morning of the anniversary and HD lost his! It was kind of a fail but still fun.

    1. Hahah hey sharbet- i dont think there are rules! We decided we would write to each other every year for the first 5 each year on our anniversary and then open them all together on our 5th but when the fifth came around we realized it wasnt long enough and we now are going for the tenth. We have been good so far we write on the anniversary night – we only missed one year but added that letter a couple fo months later. The plan is to be in paris and open them! πŸ˜€

  2. you are a GEM. ive been looking at mine since the last one hour now πŸ˜€ thanks so much! and i read your post all over again just out of sheer excitement.

    btw i did this letter thing once with Nabeel before we got married, when he moved out of Pakistan for a 1 year short assignment, and we wrote to each other letters we’d open when he got back, but the curiosity was insanely killing and i could hardly wait honestly to open and read what he’d written. infact i opened his half way through :O i cant imagine how you manage this 10 year thing! but it sounds really good and im thinking to reapply some version of it that manages my impatience while doing the documentation πŸ˜€

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