Aren’t maps fascinating? As of late I have been more and more drawn to them and am waiting for something in my head to come together to explore this brilliant design visual.

We usually navigate around our favourite holiday destination city Bangkok, using the Nancy Chandler map. Filled with fun little information nuggets on shopping places and tucked away nooks and crannies, its definitely a keeper.

Absolutely loved this one by a favourite illustrator of mine Jenni Sparks on London probably also because in my travel wishes, London remains temptingly elusive. I last went in 1979 and of course at 3, one is not going to remember much more than the pigeons on Trafalgar Square.

Ork posters got popular a while back and I am sorely tempted to use this technique for Karachi. Possible next project? I particularly love the one of San Francisco (again on my wish list of places to travel to).

Once I got into the idea of maps, I have found so many- some styles literally blow your away with their attention to detail and skill. I loved these maps by Abigail Daker. It has a gorgeous storytelling kind of feel to it. And you get drawn in, wanting to know the stories of the people who live in this place. Check out her perspective map illustrations as well.

While on the subject of maps, I must mention our local Fancy map. Designed by an IVS grad, it gives us Karachiites something to show for the city we feel so addictively for. Though I wish it was an artistic keepsake as well (and it is in some ways) I also love the functionality. I get to know a few things about the city myself even though I have been out and about fairly extensively.


A few weeks ago, while trying to track down some vintage maps of the Subcontinent, I found myself on Etsy and found a lovely little food map of Pakistan. We are one of those few countires that cannot buy directly from Etsy and in a facebook conversation I must have mentioned that randomly as I broadened my scope for the map hunt. Imagine my surprise when a lovely blog friend actually posted it to my sister who was in NY for her graduation. Don’t you love people who gift randomly? I do.

Any exciting maps you have seen?


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