Find Number 1.

Don’t you just love it (or not!) when you stumble across a website that makes you jealous because it just grabs your attention and keeps you hooked for hours on end on the first visit? I am a bit screen eyed over this one- it has so many interesting links and visuals that I am somewhat drained and completely buzzed at the same time.

Find Number 2

I have always loved and avidly watched shows on TV where a bunch of experts get together and help someone  look  their best by suggesting new palettes, colours, and hair dos to them. Remember that one Oprah episode where the daughter writes to Oprah about her mothers depression since her husbands death and to help her rediscover herself? I got goosebumps when she  burst out crying in happiness at her widowed moms new improved look. Come on, everyone loves a happy ending.

So one of my favourite blogs features  lovely (both design and thought wise) makeover stories. I am inspired to do a local Khi-town version of this by using normal everyday people and teaching them how to best be themselves by looking good. Don’t you just love how shes put the stories together also?

Find Number 3

Food makes me feel good. And if its sweet, it has a special place in my heart. And if its nutella, I am sold.
With the Karachi heat only just about bearable, I stock up on Jet Sports but last year on our Singapore holiday I picked up a little lolly maker. And then promptly forgot about it. This year, feeling freshly inspired by this awesome post, I have taken it out of storage and am heading to the kitchen right now to whip up some icey fun. (Ok I am not really, I am just going to finish this post and go hang out with the kids- but I AM going to do this tomorrow. Seriously)

Find Number 4.

It’s not really a find this one, but something that the husband got back from a recent work trip that makes me feel good. I love these little paper clips and I will never ever use them. In fact they will now reside in my precious Red Box filled with notebooks and other wonders, where I hoard all the lovely things I find on holidays and some days when the day has been tough I secretly take them out at night to stare at them to feel better.

Find Number 5

On our trip to Bangkok just two weeks ago, I fell in love. This shop was like a manifestation of all things beautiful vintage and designed and since then I have been inspired and browsing more vintage than ever before. So inspired by that look, I have set out to create a small corner in my own home which dates back, and I will  post a photo of it in just a few days (along with the lollies). Happy weekend.


5 thoughts on “friday: feel-good finds

  1. OMG. i love love love find 1 and 2. im home at lahore right now so cant afford to ‘invest’ time in these 😛 but theyve been bookmarked for my blogroll 😀
    and id love to see your vintage revamp. im moving apartments soon and looking to do something interesting myself, at least in part.

  2. I volunteer myself for a style makeover. I’ve been feeling so dull and dowdy surrounded by ritzy glitzy dxb ladies. Can you help me put together some outfits this summer that will work in dxb and still fulfill all my requirements? Thank you.

  3. Eee! My inspirational find today is you! It’s so exciting when you visit a blog you love that’s been quiet for a while and suddenly there’s lots of wonderful new posts! It’s like the manic glee of spring!

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