Mid-week meanderings: commitment to a project.

I have recently admitted- to myself and others- that I have a deep love for documenting. I love writing things down, putting a photo with a a caption away, writing letters to the future me and making time capsules to open in ten years because to me all these undertakings, these projects, are little legacies we leave behind of lives well lived. I am on a perpetual hunt for projects like these, that capture life and inspire you at the same time.

We (the Ostrich and I) tried one earlier this year with The O&B. What started with a bang ended with a fizz. Do we rely too much on public feedback to keep a thing going? Or is simply doing it for oneself enough? I am still struggling on whether I write to hear myself think or to be heard. In either case, this project is still close to my heart and I am not packing it in just yet.

One project I loved was 365 Days of hand lettering. I cannot imagine anything more tough and more exhilarating than trying to experiment with a handwritten font every single day. I would want to pack away the kids, the cat and the life and simply sit at my table, overlooking those trees beyond the alcove and scribble away on the iPad., swirling, twirling letters to do my bidding. Check out Lisa Congdon’s Day 179.

If you are an avid scrapbooker and love the idea of documenting life in a fun creative and memorable way, Project life is one thing you must check out. Love the idea that I can open up a page and be instantly and visually thrown back to a day I want to remember. And those days you want to forget that I want to remember too.

I keep blaming life moving too fast for all the things I have yet to do. I have procrastinationary (is that even a word? well, it is now) measures and excuses ready to let you know exactly why that thing we talked about last year has not happened yet. It’s demoralizing, it’s debilitating and what is scarier is that it becomes a part of my everyday truth. I don’t like it. So to shake myself out of the undertake and quit mode, I too undertook a daily creative commitment- the Five Year Happines Project and I am pleased to report that so far,  I have only missed one day, when try as I might I simply could not remember what the day was about. To know I have to sum up my day in a thought has made me more conscious of the day’s details. I look for more, and perhaps because I look for more, I find more too.


One thought on “Mid-week meanderings: commitment to a project.

  1. i love scrapbooking, and ive collected stuff over time, but i never seem to sort it out. its all lying as one big mess. i became a bit more regular when i moved to dubai, but looking at your inspiration pics, mine seems too dull. im thinking i need to spruce this up.
    and the ‘life jar’ image was so interesting and cute. i just made some ‘jar series’ ponkas last week hehe. will show you when im done. but they’re more of stuff you send, not in the spirit you posted 🙂

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