I love Instagram. It’s my new Pinterest. Don’t you love this creative design fads? So much to one day tell my kids about.

I followed several really fun artists and although sometimes it feels like I am peeking into their lives, more often than not, they simple inspire you to add design and frills and detail to your own. I love that even a note to self now looks like it could be a part of a magazine layout. This kind of heightend design life is what everyone should aspire and leave the negative terroristy stuff aside. Spoken in true let-them-eat-cake fashion but hopefully the regulars will understand the tone and fly with it.

So today on this Monday that after yesterday lovely beach trip stretched way long, I decide to share some of my favourite instagrammers here.

I particularly love artists who are parents. They view the world so differently- with fresh new eyes and a kind og giddy joy that other somehow don’t. Or can’t. I love the little things they create to make their kids happy and how that gets intwined with their own creativity eventually. I love that she has a graphic design studio, I love her quirky sense of design. Go brunch with darling.

I love the idea of scrapbooking and I may have attempted to delve into that world once or twice but really you feel more than inadequate when you see some of the fantastic stuff being made out there and the people who are truly doing it justice. Check out Gluestickgirl on instagram for her daily fun updates.

I had been following Mati Rose blog for a while now and imagine my excitement when I found her on Instagram.  Her posts are always so uplifting and her artwork has graced my desktop for years. I love that sense of child like imperfection in her work- the kind of unpressurized stroke we are aiming for that we see in our own kids. She has recently released her book called “Daring Adventures in Paint” and despite not being a paint person at all, per se, I am excited by it.

I came across KP most recently. It was a cross reference connection from another Instagrammer and I loved how all these creativer crafty people knew each other, had connected and were all supporting each other’s Project life series. Talk about creating and building a community of like minded, life loving people. Very inspired. Who wants in with me on this side of the globe?

I think something I really get a kick out of seeing (and doing) is anything with attention to detail. Where the font and the corner curve and the colur and the background are in some kind of chemical sync and totally effortlessly pulling the whole idea along. I love Amy Tangerine’s Scrapbooking Kits (she is on Instgram too!) and Studio Calico has paper pads with patterns to make you high.


Looking at all this happening on my Insta feed has obviously triggered much itchiness in me to try and do soemthing along the lines also- so when we got back from our holiday this year, instead of putting up my usual captioned photos, I added a scrappy twist to them. I think it looked fun and now I only need to look at the picture to know exactly what I was thinking and feeling right then at that moment.

all images (except the last 2 which are my own) have been shamelessly borrowed from the blogs of the people mentioned and therefore all credit goes to them, of course.


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