When we were little, on long hot afternoons in AbuDhabi, my sister and I would sit at our dining table and have fashion design competitions. We would take our stick figures and dress them up according to genre and then gave ratings. While neither of us grew up to be particularly fashion inclined, we enjoy the design aspect of life madly, both in our work and daily lives. Fashion has always been an elusive love. I love quirky beautiful trendy things, but somehow my personal style stays afffixed on the casual.

Recently I have seen more and more of Izak Zenou‘s work and I love his whimsical style, the free flowing strokes and the personalities his women seem to take. They are hip and young and have an agenda- they are not only doing something but looking great doing it. He has recently launched his own brand and his gorgeous illos are now on scarves handbags laptops and phones, to name a few. His work with some of the top brands retains his personal style and yet embodies the brands look as well. Perfect Monday browsing.




One thought on “Monday Find: Fashion illo love.

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