While on the subject of lusting after fashion illustration, I should probably also mention Ruben Toledo whose work I only got to know of when I picked up Nina Garcia’s  The One Hundred, for its illustrations more than the content. Cuban born Rubens work has a magical whimsical quality, so stylish yet so fun at the same time. The more I read up on him and his wife Isobel Toledo (his muse and a fashion designer) the more I have been crushing on their work.

Read their wonderful film-like story here.

Loving this Fashion Wheel.


Silhouettes will never fade. And also don’t you love the period look of the Jane Austen book cover? Modern yet totally retaining the essence of the time. Reminded me of the cover of Night Circus by Eric Morgenstern.

While all these illustrations make my heart beat slightly faster, the communication designer in me is especially kicked to see his illustrations take Nordstrom by storm. Absolutely loving the collaboration of big name gowns with this own personal style of work.







Do check out pictures of their beautiful work space in Manhattan.


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