Last year, when my sister went to Bangkok she bought Nadi a brillaint pop up version of Jungle Book. We have all grown up on this story and he had only recently seen it, so there was much excitement. Needless to say, that what Nadi likes, Lily also manages to get extremely excited about and so this book became one of those placed-high-on-the-shelf-only-mama-can-read-it-with-you type coveted ones. Its is absolutely amazing in its detail and how its made, and much later after this, when I saw another book by the same artist Matthew Reinhart at a school book fair, I grabbed it without even checking out the title, and Cinderella, the pop up version came into our lives.

I don’t know why I took so long to google him, probably something in the theory that you take people  ( or skill in this case) you see every day four times a day for granted.Today however, when I was requested by my 5 year old boy to make the Treasure Map for the Magic Beans (from Puss in Boots) in true pop up style like in the movie, I was stumped. I remember basic craft classes from way back and I know how to do the most basic stuff but this…this needed to be researched. Of course because I have spent so much time with Matthew Reinhart’s books, his name was the first and as I read his blog, I knew it was something I had to put down in my blog for posterity or reference, whichever comes first.



And if you like pop up, you should also check out some of the wonderful work by Ray Marshall. Since pirates are big in our house currently after Captain Hook (Peter Pan, of course)  and Captain Gutt (from Ice Age 4), I am esepcially in love with The Castway Pirates.


4 thoughts on “Life in Pop-up.

  1. Oh wow! that is great.

    I am an avid collector of pop-up books.. have accumulated quite a collection, still in progress.

    Matthew Reinhart is really good. Did you know that most.. actually all of these books are handmade.
You should also check out Robert Sabuda, most of the books that I have are by him. His ’Alice in Wonderland’ is definitely a collectors item. My niece had it few years ago, I fell in love with it moment I saw it and I went home and ordered it online. That’s how I started.

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